My Experience Ordering Wood Shutters

Lately, I realized that the shutters in my room were becoming faulty. The shutters had been there ever since I moved into the apartment, so it wasn’t surprising that it was started to fall apart. Hence, I decided that It would be smart if I took the initiative and got myself some wooden shutters for myself. I knew nothing about wooden shutters, so I went ahead and did some research on them before I went ahead and bought some new shutters. Here is my experience ordering new wooden shutters for my home.

The first thing I found out was the fact that you can get environmentally friendly wooden shutters. Woods such as Kiri which are used in certain builds of wooden shutters are grown in plantations that are environmentally friendly and have a very low carbon emission. Hence, I knew that It would be a good idea to get some shutters from a maker that only uses environmentally friendly wood. I am very aware of the environment, and certainly wanted to do my bit to help it out.

I found out that it is important to get the measurements exact if you want to get the best possible outcome when ordering shutters on the internet. Hence, I made sure to precisely measure the area that I wanted to new shutters to be installed in. I heard that many people chose shutters that were made in pre-designated size, and to avoid this at all costs.

After a few days my shutters arrived, and I was thoroughly impressed. I was able to install it easily due to the fact that I was consistent in my measurements. Furthermore, I was glad to find out that the shutters were made from environmentally wood, which meant I was supporting a brighter and greener future.

What You Should Know Wood Shutters And Other Types Of Window Shutters

Shutters are a rather important part of windows, which is to say that they make any window look good. But alas, there are so many types of shutters out there, making the process of choosing appear overwhelming. But it really doesn’t have to be that way.

In this article, we’re going to outline to you the different types of shutters available, and then make a case for wood shutters.

* Wood shutters

Wood shutters were probably the first ever windows shutters to be sold commercially. They were popular when they were first released and they continue to be extremely popular, mainly because they look classy regardless of how the rest of the house looks like. Wood shutters, however, suffer from mortality –they warp, twist or bow over time. Also, colored surfaces can fade, crack or peel, depending on the humidity of the area and the intensity of the sun coming through the window.

Today, wooden shutters are used mostly in situations where you’ll need a deep stain color or where you will find custom color matches. When selecting wood shutters, ask if the wooden is organic to the United States or is imported from somewhere else. Many imported wooden shutters use unknown types of wood that won’t be stable in home windows with time.

* Poly shutters

Made of polyresin materials, poly shutters are constructed are extremely popular and therefore are typically the best if lighter neutral shades are involved. The main attraction is the fact that poly wooden shutters provide the beauty and functionality of wood wooden shutters but they are low maintenance and are very durable. You don’t need to worry about issues like cracking or peeling paint, or be concerned about the sun or humidity.

* Vinyl shutters

Although they are made with the same polyresin materials in poly shutters, vinyl shutters are make use of a different extrusion process. Just like poly shutters, vinyl shutters are also extremely popular. They are best used if you need shutters that come in light neutral shades. And like poly shutters, the main attraction is the fact that vinyl shutters are low maintenance and are very durable. When purchasing any vinyl or poly wooden shutters, look at just how they’re built to make sure that the shutters are made strong.

* Composite Shutters

Composite are constructed with Medium Density Fibeboard (MDF) that’s covered in polypropoleyne. The poly surface is supposed to provide you with sturdiness like poly or vinyl, however, composite shutters are challenging because of their MDF base, which is basically a water sponge that could absorb moisture when the ends are exposed. However, they are still used especially when there are no other shutters available.

Why Wood Shutters Are Still Popular

Despite the widespread use of vinyl and poly shutters, we believe that wood shutters have retained their charm and niche among homeowners worldwide. Simply put, they are attractive and increase your home’s ability to charm your guests, unlike other types of shutters. Aside from their ability to charm, however, plantation shutters are popular because they can regulate light and make for great insulating material. Also, they can easily fit in to just about any design plan, making their versatility virtually unparalleled. But it really all boils down to personal choice.

Many people simply have a strong preference for solid wood, just like how some people prefer clothing made from cotton or wool over polyester.
Wood shutters are great for that warm, traditional look. Wooden shutters feature a number of adjustable louvers to permit air to freely circulate inside the house while keeping a feeling of security and privacy. Wooden shutters also have a decorative purpose, although they can be made fully operational to safeguard against storms and other weather disturbance.

The natural strength of wood (especially hardwood) is greater than that of vinyl. Wooden shutters are available in a significantly greater number of shapes and dimensions than their vinyl alternatives.

According to some sources, vinyl shutters can not be manufactured any bigger than 29 inches wide since the vinyl is not sufficiently strong to support a longer span. Even when your home windows are more compact than 29 inches wide, many large vinyl or poly shutters require divider rails or other forms of support, hindering people from achieving that authentic wooden look when using poly or vinyl shutters. For those who have large home windows, stay with wooden shutters to prevent issues with sagging or bending louvers.
Color is another area where you will find wood shutters versatile.

Wood shutters are available in quite a number of finishes and colors. Also, they may be colored or stained to alter their looks when needed to match your decor, or to provide your house with a brand new look.

Maintenance, however, is where your choice wooden shutters may fall apart. In areas where there’s high moisture like cellars, kitchen areas and toilets, you will want to avoid wood shutters because they are vulnerable to high moisture. Vinyl and poly shutters, on the other hand, will not warp, swell or peel no matter humidity or moisture levels. While wood wooden shutters are definitely more powerful, they are prone to moisture damage, and might not be the best option for moisture-prone areas. Wooden shutters may also suffer damage from bug infestation in a few areas, while vinyl shutters are safe from this kind of damage.